The Cube

The Cube Produces a Double Vortex Speed of LIght Qubed Scalar & Tachyon Energy Generator - See it only at

DNA is a double Vortex - You can send distant healing to any person by inserting their photo and playing double vortex frequencies to them.  Double Vortex Frequencies are copyright You can also insert a photo of any religious image to expand that vibration into your living, meditation, temple or work place!

All prices are in US$ - Gems are extra/see gem kits
The Crystal Pyramid is not included

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Double the  spin Vortex

Speed of Light Squared

Produces the Largest field of any of David Seredas products

Open a Portal

Generate Tachyons faster then light energies


15-20mm Faceted Gems in Ruby. Saphire, Amethyst, or Citrine

Pyramids on top not included

Watch David Sereda Explain the Cube

The Cube Generates Tachyons

Is a Double Vortex Generator

See it in action
Hear it hum

Combine the Vortex Bed and

The Cube and
Receive the benefits equivalent to a Medbed

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The Vortex Bed has 4 Coils!

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14 Pointed


14-Pointed Star at the Church of the Nativity - Why 14 points?  Find out! 

Watch how to setup your Coil here....

Your Coil requires you to get an amplifier separately....

 Qinpu: 2nd best value amp

 SMSL: best value amp

Yamaha : 3rd best value amp