A look into God & our Technology


Our technology is an Activation!

Technology beyond lightning speed!


We believe that the highest God is the power of Love & Light as one!


The power of our technology has both. We have the highest frequencies on the planet because we use Harmony Frequencies which are found in nature and some of the brightest parts of our universe. This harmonic information runs through our natural, faster than light speed lab. Therefore, we are using God’s bright lights and the information he encoded nature and our universe with.


I am happy to take care of the jewellery in our company, as it has been proven through advanced aura imaging to open not only the heart energy centre but all other energy centres that correspond to different organs as well. I know this God given gift for the planet is God’s light! Our faster than light speed energy carries the myriads of frequencies from the love of our Sun as well as other “Harmony frequencies.”


We, at Harmony Jewels trust the natural understanding of nature and God. Our lab uses only natural materials, including Brazilian crystals. Our highest end custom pieces are with natural high quality gems. We also specialize in high quality lab grown gems that have the same chemical make up as the natural ones. We offer this with our pendants to add a higher end option that is reasonable!


Light and Love is God’s frequency in the Highest. Symbolized by the Dove, it is the speed in which to bring the light of God through in action. Swiftness, (faster than light speed) Clarity, (the quality of our crystals & gems) and Purity (the harmonic frequencies from nature & the universe) are the understandings within the organic line of jewellery, our natural technology, and of course, Harmony Frequencies.