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Its time to give yourself some time to sit down and relax as you go through what's here...this site has a lot of information and many products and services for all.  We are not here to just sell you something!  This site is meant to take you on a journey to learn how to enhance your life experience in health wealth and happiness through the David Sereda devices and frequency.    Start by watching this video.  Then tab by tab in the menu go through the various pages.  It may take a day it may take weeks.  Go to the tab that draws you the most first and go from there.  Try not to let the price or your own past knowledge trigger you. Instead just learn all you can.   

Write down your questions.  Trust yourself and your decisions.  Then call us.  I intend to spend as much time as you need to help you learn all you need.   Please reach out to 778.386.1786.  Those who have now have magical experiences.   Visit the Testimonials page and watch and read what others genuinely say.

A look into God and Our Technology & Why


(faster than light speed)


(the quality of our crystals & gems)


(the harmonic frequencies from nature & the universe)


These are the understandings within the organic line of jewellery,

our natural technology,

and of course, Harmony Frequencies.

A white dove ready to take flight sitting on a pile of beautifully cut quartz gems.png

What Clients Say

April 2024 Yes, we are both feeling the healing.  Dons hands have neuropathy, and he said they started feeling better right away. He can open and close them. My dogs just went straight to sleep. They loved it, too. And it seems like there's a difference in the pigmentation in my skin where I'm trying to get rid of these things and they're doing some itching. So I think it's irritating the gibs, hopefully killing them. Very hopeful. Think of a great investment. Make sure David knows I am grateful for his invention. Thanks for your help.
~ Cathy
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