5G and


5G Instruction Kit

Purchase Instruction Kit to Block Smart Meter 
and Protect Home from EMFs, Microwaves and 5-G  

5-G proposes new upper limits on EMF and the sensitivity of the human electrical nervous system. Our kit comes for decades of EMF study, studying real blocking materials and the ultimate solutions.  
When David Sereda worked for the Department of Defense, he studied how to block and ground harmful nuclear and EMF radiation!  Blocking all radiation can be dangerous! 
Find out how to hire an electrician to use our kit, and for no more than $300 in materials, you can properly use harmonic set Grounding rods, block your most dangerous walls, and block a smart meter with real proof on a microwave test meter! 
You can also use our Coil Systems to generate your own harmonic frequency field! 

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