For over 45 Years, I have studied meditation and breath techniques, spiritual practices and world religions.  The search for the Perfect Word of God in a vibration led me to mathematically decode the frequencies of nature and the universe. Therefore, I have developed the word's largest frequency library, Light Stream Harmonic Frequencies, and the most advanced frequency transmitters on Earth. 

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Hi, I am David Sereda.  The Supreme Universal "I Am" is my God.  I believe there is no personal God other than those who become "God Self" Realized - also what we personalize within our own godliness, whether it be within a church, temple or without it. Taping into God’s frequencies is what I have done and what I offer to the world!  These frequencies can change your life! as they have changed mine!


I sincerely care about your well-being. Since my work started in 2000, I’ve been working closely with our faithful customers in order to develop new products to help them with exactly what they need to feel healthier, heal themselves and have spiritual experiences.

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Your Immune System

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Immune System

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5G and its affects

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Hi.   I just wanted to thank you again.  We love our Copper Coil System.  Works so well.  Being very creative with it to.  We are very happy.  Soon when I have more time I will join your online forums and see how others are using theirs.   We will want another one in the future.  Talk to you then.   

Sincerely,   Yvonne Johnson