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Star Coil


The Amazing Coils Generate Physical & Spiritual Healing Vortex Spin fields for energy clearing of the body, mind, living and work spaces, healing, abundance, manifestation, inner visions, and more! 

What is David Sereda's Galaxy Clock?

"In the year 2000, I had an epiphany that resulted in my discovery of the Galaxy Clock."

~ David Sereda

All Geometry and Sacred Geometry lacks the discovery of differential
mathematics and shapes. Without differentials, the universe could not function as
a perpetual motion machine.

Newton’s Third Law is Violated by this paper. All opposing forces may appear equal and
opposite to each action but they are not; they have differentials. In the quantum universe,
all particles have opposite pairs. It is believed these opposite are equal in mass-energy.
This will be violated by this new discovery.

David Sereda Copyright 2008 Paper on Differentials

14 Pointed


14-Pointed Star at the Church of the Nativity - Why 14 points?  Find out!