Mark 6:8

Jesus says:


take nothing with you on your jouRney buT your staff only

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The Sacred Staff

Contact with God is in your hands.

Watch this short Video as David Sereda Explains why every Ancient Master had his or her staff!  Why did Jesus express in Mark 6:8 to his disciples not to forget their staff for their journey!

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To his disciples in Mark 6:8

Why Does Jesus Say...?

 and commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse:

The Staff of God, Adam & Eve, ISIS, Osiris, Moses, Joseph, Jesus, Mary, Merlin, and More can now be Yours!


!Confirmation in Great Pyramid Frequency
See How the Light Body Gets Enlightened

This recent Great Pyramid Frequency test shows the Great Pyramid resonating with amazing energy at specific frequency bands! 
It uses the same frequency bands that my staff users apply to their staffs and thereby their nervous systems for Light Body Activation. 
The first image left shows the light form of the Maltese Cross forming when the Great Pyramid of Egypt was induced with frequencies at a wavelength of 333 Meters (a tad under 1.111 Megahertz).  
At 285 Meters the Maltese cross is truly forming! 
At 230 meters, it separates and transforms into the head and heart center! 
At 200 Meters, it forms the divine person in the radiant form! I superimposed the image of Christ! 
The Frequencies we use in Staff Frequency Training span these same bands in harmonic intervals. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 3.03.08 AM.png

The Royal Staff

are powered with Frequencies that activate your light body within by holding the staff connected to the frequency generator.  You learn which frequencies to use:

1. Holy of Holies Frequencies

2. Angelic Frequencies
3. God Frequencies
4. Star Frequencies
5. Temple Frequencies



Was Moses’ Staff at an exact length his antenna to communicate with God?

Did Jesus use the same sacred length for “The Bachal Isu” or “Staff of Jesus”? Did Jesus use a magical staff of the same harmonic length as Moses?