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How to Build your Immune System

By building your magnetic field inner healing arises! 

We have magnetic fields all around us and within our own bodies. The only magnetic fields that are natural and safe are those found in nature, such as from the Sun and our own magnetic hearts. I, Crystal Sereda have trusted this knowledge for years and have dedicated myself to our technology because of it. It’s the actual frequencies that determine the EMF as harmonic or dis-harmonic. Most technologies have negative EMFs because they use radio waves that are not the highest frequencies and the information is not harmonic but rather, disruptive.


We, at have Light Stream technology that transmits natural and harmonic frequencies to illuminate your energy centres, which correspond to different organs. Our technology also expands your spirit light around your body, otherwise known as aura, which is real light all around your body. More light means a higher immunity and better health.


Follow these Guidelines:
First and foremost please consult your medical physician immediately if you incur symptoms of any kind.

Legal Disclaimer from David Sereda: this means you have to use your own intelligence here as to my opinion as I have no legal proof nor does anyone else in regards to my frequencies and any other frequencies. Always consult your medical physician or naturalpath if you are experiencing health issues.


David Sereda believes in Rife’s frequencies for your immunity. What he doesn’t believe in is a lot of low grade technologies that use Rife. Our technologies are the highest grade and we only use natural materials with tachyons, (faster than light speed.)   Rife frequencies come with your Light Stream wands, beds and coils upon request.


Get the new Vortex Energy Bed and or Wand system and build your magnetic field and immune system in advance!  



For HEATing

These will be available infused with related frequency:


One for $100

Three for $200


Add $50/additional frequency or $495/package

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