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Here is what our clients have to say....



“In July 2017 i had a kidney transplant and in November that same year developed Type 2 DIABETIES (which i take medication for) as a result of the anti-rejection drugs a common side effect. In addition my feet were becoming numb due to toxins not being removed from my body. Also i developed arthritis in my knees and could not walk up and down the stairs without holding on to the hand rail and it was difficult for me to walk more than 15-20 without having to sit for a while to recover and then go on. I heard about David Sereda in an spiritual email that i signed up for then checked out his website. i found the information insightful and purchased the wand to use at home. i have been using the Sound of Sun frequency for the past 3 weeks 20 mins each day along with rife frequency for Arthritis, diabeties, heart and Quantum frequency Infinities. What i can tell you is that the pain in my knees is 95 percent gone and my are not as painful and i can walk unaided up and down the stairs without handrail support. i saw my kidney specialist last week and he reduced my diabetic medication that i need to take. I feel that my quality of my life has improved since using the Wand and hopeful for further improvements in the future. I would recommend others to try it out and give it a go. My goal in the future is to help others improve their quality in the future."
- Anthony Mitchell

"I fell on the ice in my driveway and hurt my ankle and knee. Today is the day after and I am 80% better. Amazing."
- Dr Carol S Kessler

“I used my Light Stream device to activate healing for Cellulitis in the lower leg. Sounds of the Sun, very healing and in a manner of layering, I also used David Sereda's YouTube channel and played the Rife Frequency for Inflammation. My body was "buzzing", and very quickly the redness, inflammation and pain in the lower leg area was less and less red, sore and painful. Each day brought positive results. As a practitioner of Quantum Biofeedback the Light Stream is such a wonderful and beneficial and useful tool. I will be sharing it with all my clients, family and friends.   Beautiful results. Thank you, David Sereda"               ~ Melinda Garcia Watson
"I received my Light Stream Wand just over a week ago. It only took me 10 minutes to set it up and test that the frequencies were running through it correctly. The first 2 days I ran David Sereda's Sounds of the Sun frequencies for 40 minutes. Then for the next 5 days I also included the tinnitus rife frequency. After 2 days I noticed that I had more energy and was feeling more positive. The tinnitus that I have had for several years reduced in volume and the sound is lighter. And... this is just the start :) I am pleased with my progress, and expect positive changes to continue. I will continue to update my experience over the coming weeks and months."
- Tony Wilden, Aikido Instructor and Healer
"It’s only a small thing but the only quantitative measure I have so far of wand working is that it got rid of the Coxsackie virus which has been there for awhile. I go to a homeopath for a check every 6 weeks or so to use his electro dermal screening machine and it showed that the Coxsackie was gone. Now trying to get rid of EBV. I have used the wand for lower back pain and what feels like sciatic pain and it has reduced my pain in some instances. Overall energy has increased and I seem to need less sleep."
- Colleen
"My adopted cat had a huge malignant tumor removed, after lying in gardens that'd been sprayed with glyphosate for years..The surgery left a huge scar and had cut muscles and nerves along his right thigh, hip and leg.He was unable to run, jump or even get himself onto the couch after surgery.When i used the muscle repair frequency, to my surprise, he started jumping from bed to couch and up fences again! He's mobile and much happier because he can get out there and play like he used to.He love the wand and cuddles up to it.I look forward to treating many more pets! it's so easy and effective. No need for traumatic vet visits..."
- Claudia van Roosmalen
"I have been using my Light Stream Wand for about 3 weeks on myself and my friends and family. I have two cases of body pain (stiff neck and strained ankle). I listened to other Light Stream Practitioners testimonies and watched their videos and treat each patient with Sound of the Sun, A Frequency to help Treat their pain (Rife for Stiff Neck and Sprains, and closed with Great Pyramid as instructed. Both patients reported less pain and increased mobility after 1 treatment."
- Leslie, New Orleans
"I am excited to share that upon using the Mantra Coil in my business space the energy in the space was transformed and changes are manifesting positively. The people that need to be in the space are being attracted both as clients and practitioners. Client appointments have increased, event participation is up, new events are being created successfully, service offerings have increased and well received. It would be a blessing to win the console to incorporate into the business model for both individual sessions, events and overall business. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!"
- Kimberley Taylor
"Hi David, I've been using the light stream wand for a few weeks . We have a 14 yr old German Shepard who is always in the room within 12ft. when the wand is on,(I did sit with her with the sun frequency once.) she had a quarter size tumor on her hip that has opened and is almost completely resolved. She seems to have more energy and spring in her steps these days, We are so grateful she is a happy pup for an old girl. Thank you David for giving her quality of life in her last years.  Many thanks.."
- Laura
"Using the light stream wand for 3 months. Purchased due to mother’s stage 4 lung cancer. Last scans showing no progression in tumor growth with some reduction possible. She is doing well considering the medical establishment told her she would not be with us now."
- Vincent Leo, RN with 25 years experience
"I am so glad to tell you that the light stream wand is beginning to make a major difference since it was shipped to Spain a few days ago.     Yesterday, as I was returning home from work, I was approached by one of my neighbors who was limping on her left foot and in agony. She complained that she had been in pain for 2 days and all they could at the local hospital was to give her some useless cream. I invited her to have a session with the light stream wand since she knew I had commenced using this machine to heal my eyesight.  You'd never guess, I selected a couple of frequencies with the machine for joint pains and after 45 minutes of treatment, to my disbelief, she stood up from the bed and she told me that the pain had gone, and she was able to stand up on both feet. I noticed that the swell had reduced substantially.  You should have seen her face, she went hysterical and she was shocked but positively surprised, of course, she had never experienced anything like in her life, and so did I to be honest. This morning I met the neighbor again and she was smiling and walking as normal. I can assure you that, having seen the way the foot had swollen, without the machine she would have kept limping in pain for at least 2 weeks. I know this for sure as I have played soccer for many years in the past and these injuries had been plaguing me on a regular basis. I am very impressed with the results so far, and I cannot thank you enough for the great product you have put together, the health revolution is on now, and I'll be one of the greatest cheerleaders to lead the dances..."
- Toni Turi, Spain
"I am a 72-year-old male married to a great husband, a business man, Prison Chaplain and Youth pastor for many years. When I was young and dumb I went to a tanning booth for 5 days a week for 6 years, and believe I gave myself cancer. As a result, I have had 9 cancer operations in the past 9 years.
But this last one was the worst. It was a fast-moving RARE form of cancer Called Merkel Cell cancer. In just 6 months having to return to the Dr’s the cancer tumor on the side of my face was the side of an Idaho potato. It would eventually move down my throat making eating and drinking not an option.
The VA Dr. told me I had 12 months to live, and there was no known medical treatment for me as with Merkel radiation and chemo would not work, and if it did it would slow it down maybe but the rare chance of me living past 12 months is very slim.
Well at that time I knew I was going to die, and after telling my husband on his birthday, that I was going to die, we had a tearful event. As a very last resort I agreed against my desires and will to go into the VA hospital for chemo as a last effort to keep me alive.
The next day they told me they changed their minds and were going to use immunotherapy instead of chemo. Immunotherapy was a more non-invasive form with less side effects. Now remember up to this point the VA only used chemo and radiation for cancer patients. And thank God, they started to use alternative treatments.
Now let’s go back several months as a friend of mine had told me about this new form of cancer therapy called rife frequency with a man called David Sereda. I was interested and wanted to order the wand and equipment because I felt I had to try. It took approximately 4 weeks for the different equipment to arrive.
After weeks of research I found out that every illness has its certain frequency. When using the wand, it sends special selected frequencies from the wand into the body, and destroys the Merkel Carcinoma cells and Not the rest of the good cells."
- Anonymous
"Now I feel more confident with my knee, I’m going upstairs, put more weight on it. I have noticed that now I can stand up straighter and walk more correctly with confidence. This is mostly contributed to the Light Stream Wand."
- Jacob Caldwell Massage Therapist Seattle, WA
"Thank you David Sereda for your amazing gift to the world.  I have only been using the wand for a month now and have already had amazing results. I have aggressive metastatic stage 4 her2+ breast cancer. This is the first time in over 18 months my tumor markers have come down.  Now down 33 points in one month.
I will keep you updated on my progress but believe I will survive this now.  Thank you from the bottom of my ♥ heart.  Will be telling everyone about this amazing device.
I am also sleeping better and feeling better than I can even remember.
I will attach my blood test tumor marker results here as well." 
-  Katharyn Habgood,¹Sydney, Australia

Joseph G.


I use the staff of moses to amplify dream activity.  Very effective I have discovered when I sleep with the powered staff laying perpendicular to  my body in physical contact with my bare midriff area.  Staff is powered to pyramid frequencies as recommended by David.   (I also have a 14" coil under my bed set to earth frequency.)
I also use the staff of moses while I am meditating to tune my brain to the frequencies.
The Royal Staff of Moses


Hi.   I just wanted to thank you again.  We love our Copper Coil System.  Works so well.  Being very creative with it to.  We are very happy.  Soon when I have more time I will join your online forums and see how others are using theirs.

We will want another one in the future.  Talk to you then.

Yvonne Johnson


Sept 5,2019 

I want to share with you Shahiroz our recent experience with our Coil.  I have our Coil on everyday with Sun frequencies mostly.  I am also putting our spring water on it for a few cycles and we are drinking it.  I have also put our Himalayan salt candle holders on the Coil and quartz crystals all on the Coil to infuse the Sun in them.  Then I have placed them all around our room and have been burning candles at night in the candle holders the last 4 nights.
Yesterday my Husband, whom u need to know has a memory issue from his war service so he does not exactly remember about the Coil use and the infusions I am doing because he really lives in the present now.    Yesterday he was moving around like he had a triple vit B12 shot.  This is extraordinary.  Thing is nothing else is different in our routine.  It is a clear and obvious difference.
And for me I feel better and I can still see better.

We really appreciate this fantastic equipment!

Thank you.

Jan 24, 2019


hope you are well.

i have been using the bipolar depression frequency and the inflammmation frequency with absolutely AmAZiNg results!


Dec 16, 2018

This is Bob Jacobson, Fort Myers, FL.   Several months ago we purchased the Light Stream Wand because my wife, Regina, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  I am happy to report that her cancer symptoms are all gone!     I have a very enlarged prostate that I have started using the frequencies on.   Would you be able to share with me what programs some of your clients have used for enlarged prostate?  Are there frequencies that fellows have reported that shrunk their prostate?  Any testimonials you would be able to share would be helpful.  Is there a website available?   Thank you for your help. 


Dec 24, 2018
Hi All, positive review from Karolee Schloth--"Hi there,
My cancer is almost gone. Had an AMAS score of 105 which is borderline. 135 is full cancer, under 100 is no cancer. Diet, herbs, Lightwand, transformational breath and laughter healed me. 
Thanks for your part in it,
Happy Winter Solstice!
Love and Light, 
Karolee "


bless u.  Oh, and while playing the influenze/cold frequency - im like, huh, the medicine must be kicking in because the pressure in my head was relieved...then i went into the kitchen and SaW the 2 cold tablet pills 💊 sitting on the counter!!! i NEvER even took the medicine!!!!!    this is going to change my life!  no more grogginess from sinus or cold meds!   AmAZinG 😉- ruthi getting, Chicago, IL.    and i have another testimonial about the depression episode just lifting off of me!

- Ruthi Getting

I had a dark spot on face about the size of a thumb nail. It was frowning slowly. I had a physical and my doctor said we will keep an eye on it and see if it gets bigger. Then I purchased my wand in June. I started the practitioners  training right away working with the David Sereda’s frequencies. In October of the same year, Kim noticed the dark spot was gone. I didn’t even notice it was gone until Kim mentioned it. I can’t tell how relieve I was. I  used the sun and planets frequencies especially earth. I am so grateful to have found this technology.  - Anthony Miller

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