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The Hue  Man

Tuning the Human Instrument
with Voice, Vowel Tones
& Frequencies

Binaural Harmonic Audio 
Bible Code Activation
Are Your Gateway 
To Healing
& The Light

Our Living Word

The Word (Logos) Became Flesh

Light Body Activation Frequencies

FlightofFancyDavid Sereda
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John 1:  In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God


Logos means perfect Harmonic Vibration set up by a Perfect Ratio! The Bible is coded with these Harmonic Ratios as the True Hidden Word of God Revealed to you!

Frequency Products

EgyptianRoseCrystal Frost
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White Menu on Initiation

The Bible is secretly coded with Harmonic Ratio Frequencies

Violet Stars
You Need headphones
Your Voice, The Frequencies 
and Awareness
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"When You Listen to the Ratios as sound, you synchronize with the various aspects of God's Logos, which in the original Greek means God's Word and you feel it.  It changes your life! " ~  Kate Braxton

Watch These Videos with Headphones for Sound and Frequency Experience