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Astounding 2023 MIT Scientific Study
Researchers prove frequencies heal

Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia

Gamma Band Neural Stimulation in Humans and the Promise of a New Modality to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

HERE is what David Sereda Says:

  • It is very clear to me that because this study was done on mice, using 30-40-50 Hertz frequencies using sound, pulsed LED light and weak coils 

  • driving the sound, humans would need a stronger system utilizing the same scientific apparatus technology, thus using LED light, Sound and larger 

  • magnetic coils, at these frequencies to much higher quality results for human cognitive illnesses named in the study! ​

  • Mice are used because their DNA is similar to humans.  The fact that this study was published world wide opens technologists to producing systems 

  • to benefit people with these illnesses!  I recommend using 2 of my coils with headphones and 2 of my pulsed LED light sets with amplifier! ​

  • I will use 3 frequency programs for a much more comprehensive treatment for the gamma part of the human brain! 

In an intent to help people David has
put together the following:

$44 includes all 3 frequency tracks and comes with video * showing how to rig a light to their amplifier to flash at specified frequencies so they get what the MIT study used

Gamma Brainwave Frequencies for Cognitive Function Comprehensive means as per the music scale with middle “A” tuned to 432 Hertz - all notes within the range of the MIT study using frequencies in the 30 hertz range, 40 hertz range and 50 hertz range that are identified in the modern musical scale on a piano!


Tracks are 20 minutes each and contain all of the comprehensive frequencies as follows:


30 Hertz Comprehensive contains 30, B 30.31, C 32.11, C#1/Db1 34.02, D36.04,  D#1/Eb1 



40 Hertz Comprehensive 40, E 40.45, F 42.86, G 48.11

50 Hertz Comprehensive 50, G#1/Ab1,  50.97, A 54, 57.21, B 60.61

* Video emailed upon request

Products we suggest for more of Comprehensive Experience:

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