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Earth to Pleiades Contact

Earth to Pleiades Contact


Make Contact


Instructions - You can use this daily as a meditation tool.  On World Activation days, do this technique at the given World Times for a synchronized 

World Consciousness Activation!


Sit comfortably in any meditation pose upright or in a nice chair or sofa and close your eyes

Use headphones for best results


With each sound make a vowel sound that matches the pitch you hear so your sound merges with the tones A, AHH, E, EEEE, I O Oh U Uuuu

Notice our vowels make higher pitches as we go from A to U - Use the right vowel for the pitch you hear.  


Feel yourself floating in pure peace and infinite awareness! 

Enjoy the peace and the activation 


  • The Frequencies

    There are 4 files in a Zip folder.   If you have an older device.   You will need to download to a computer and then sync to your phone.   

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