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Hydrogen Frequencies WAV

Hydrogen Frequencies WAV


From the Gospel of Philip: 


The Lord went into the dye works of Levi. He took seventy-two different colors and threw them into the vat. He took them out all white. And he said, "Even so has the Son of Man come as a dyer." 


9 Pure colors, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lemon, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Indigo, and Violet x 8 Octaves per color = 72 the truest Color Music Frequency Scale for full spectrum Light Body Activation!  


God is a dyer. As the good dyes, which are called "true", dissolve with the things dyed in them, so it is with those whom God has dyed. Since his dyes are immortal, they become immortal by means of his colors. Now God dips what he dips in water. 

The Purest Color Frequencies  

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