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Level 2-1 Oz Silver Wand, .925 Silver Cuff-6gems

Level 2-1 Oz Silver Wand, .925 Silver Cuff-6gems


The Level 2 Wand comes with New Coil with Coil wire at the length of the Height of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (Proven Mathematically by David Sereda to be God's Great Pyramid) and two Star Coils with a wire length equal to the height of the Staff of the Angel in the Bible Book of Ezekiel  One Coil is Gold filled wire (deeper than plated) and one pure silver.   Plus this wand has 2 sets of cuff gems that are Amethyst, Citrine and Topaz. The face is Gold plated. The Gold Plated face and Gold fill coil will emit some gold aura energy with silver! 

Comes with David Sereda harmonic programs and also acts as the best RIFE healing frequency transmitter we have tested to date! Introducing a high power science and spirituality tool for energy balancing, healing, chakra activation, water & food restructuring, and energy clearing of architectural spaces! This wand is so powerful it will amaze you!

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