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Washington Monument Frequency Set (Feminine)

Washington Monument Frequency Set (Feminine)


Washington Monument Project Frequency to be used any time, and on auspicious occasions such as on Easter Day.  At the time same time if possible, 11:11am by everyone who has it.  


Instructions - You can use this daily as a meditation tool.  On World Activation days, do this technique at the given World Times for a synchronized 

World Consciousness Activation!


This track is 33.33 minutes long - use low volume because the sound builds into a beam that is intense as we go up

Sit comfortably in any meditation pose upright or in a nice chair or sofa and close your eyes

Use headphones for best results

The first sound you will hear is very low so depending on your headphone quality, you might not hear it much 

With each sound make a vowel sound that matches the pitch you hear so your sound merges with the tones A, AHH, E, EEEE, I O Oh U Uuuu

Notice our vowels make higher pitches as we go from A to U - Use the right vowel for the pitch you hear.  

Every 3.33 minutes the next octave comes in to the beam so you will be using your voice higher and higher 

At the end suddenly it stops and you feel yourself floating in pure peace and infinite awareness! 

Enjoy the peace and the activation 


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