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Shahiroz Walji

British Columbia, Canada

Head of Technical Sales Training at DavidSereda.Co

Shahiroz has been working for David Sereda since June 2018.  For her the integrity of David Sereda Technology and her relationship with the clients is of the utmost importance.  She is a daily practicing meditator, spiritual healer and has her education and experience in business, information technology, finance, metaphysics and world faiths. You can find many interviews she has done with various practitioners on Youtube, most recently David and Crystal Sereda.  Because of her multifaceted background and her knowledge of the products and services offerred by David Sereda she is the perfect person to assist you in your purchase.  Rest assured you will be supported through the full process of your order.  Feel free to reach out to her directly for any questions or concerns you may have 778.386.1786. 

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